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The Vankotka hat is not only an expression of love for cats, but also a combination of comfort and durability. Made of 95% high-quality organic cotton and 5% elastane, it ensures a perfect fit to various head sizes, while maintaining its unique charm. Fits both children over 2 years of age and adults.

The circumference measured flat is approx. 45 cm. Each of these hats is unique because it is created as part of a small family venture in Poland. Hand sewing ensures not only high quality, but also the unique character of each piece. This may result in minor differences in dimensions, but the use of ribbed material provides excellent flexibility.

Thanks to the rolled edge and the possibility of adjustment, you have full control over how the hat fits your head. The unique design with kitten ears gives the hat a unique character, perfect for lovers of these animals. The double layer of ribbed material guarantees durability and warmth, which makes Vankotka perfect for both the transitional period and winter. We recommend washing at 30 degrees and avoiding drying in the dryer, which will allow you to enjoy freshness and keep the hat looking perfect for longer.

Discover the unrivaled comfort and charm of Vankotka, created for cat enthusiasts of all ages! The waiting time for delivery is a maximum of 7 business days, so you can quickly enjoy this unique accessory.




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